Large-scale runway improvements and other projects are in store for Bert Mooney Airport in 2012.

Butte Runway

The airport is working towards pavement rehabilitation on a runway and a taxiway, a new equipment purchase, replacement of a security gate and other construction.

Each project will be 95 percent funded by grants from the Federal Aviation Administration, and the airport plans to use Passenger Facility Charges to cover the rest. The airport is moving forward with an application to the FAA to use the facility charges, and is issuing required public notices.

Pavement rehabilitation will account for most of the construction, with three projects aimed at restoring smooth surfaces and preventing water damage. The first project, tallied at $1.8 million, involves runway pavement rehabilitation. A taxiway rehabilitation will cost about $252,000 and a second runway project will cost about $4.6 million.

The following projects are also included for 2012 and 2013:

- The purchase of a 1,500-gallon emergency-response truck and support equipment in 2013. The truck would replace aging equipment currently in use and would cost about $737,000.

- The replacement of three automatic vertical-pivot security gates that control airport access. The project cost is $227,000.

- The rehabilitation of a concrete commercial apron, costing about $219,000.

- General aviation apron pavement maintenance, including crack-sealing, fog-sealing and remarking. The project is expected to cost about $100,000.

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